1. The Oro African Methodist Episcopal Church

    Date 12 Apr 2017
    Proud to announce that my first book is finally up for sale!! To purchase please click here http://www.blurb.com/b/7880530-the-oro-african-methodist-episcopal-church About the Book Follows the unique history of the Black settlers in Oro Township, Ontario circa 1800’s-present and what they left behind.  

  2. The Performance of Spectacle in Photography

    Date 17 Dec 2016
    Performance can be interpreted in many different ways, one of which is the performance of a subject and their identity within a photograph.  A large topic of debate in any medium of art is exploitation, whether that be of people with disabilities or illnesses, children, cultures, etc.  Regardless, it can be…

  3. Getting Started (Point 5 Magazine)

    Date 16 Dec 2016
    As an early to mid twenty-something artist of any kind, you’re likely to face similar challenges as you attempt to create a brand for yourself. Getting a career started requires constant trial and error as you decipher what gets you recognized and what doesn’t. From the shameless self promotion to…

  4. Access (Point 5 Magazine)

    Date 15 Dec 2016
    How do you navigate the world of concert photography?  How do you approach the subject as a music lover as well as a serious artist whose number one priority is to get the shot?  We interviewed two practicing photographers to get a better understanding of the job. Kayti (Interviewer): How…

  5. (Bi)ased Perspective

    Date 18 Apr 2015
    It goes without saying that there is a severe lack of representation in the media for people who identify as bisexual.  From “Orange is the New Black” blatantly refusing to use the word bisexual in a show that prides itself on having a sexually fluid main character and inclusivity for…

  6. Audience Enforcement of Atrocity Photography

    Date 18 Apr 2015
    In Susan Sontag’s essay Regarding The Torture Of Others, she begins by stating that “For a long time – at least six decades – photographs have laid down the tracks of how important conflicts are judged and remembered” (1). This means that photographs play a primary role in the way…

  7. A Passive, Isolated Consumer

    Date 11 Dec 2014
    “Vogue Ranks Toronto’s Queen West, #2 Coolest Neighbourhood in the world.”  If the tagline doesn’t immediately catch your attention, the sight of the new condo series planned for Toronto’s Alexandra Park remodel surely will.  Nothing says home quite like the image of enormous, stacked, storage containers that form the presence…

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